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this needs to replace all the crappy macklemore and lady gaga videos on the youtube lgbt home page right now

bear, hare, same difference

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So… yeah, sorry to say I’m not gonna be organizing an MBM this year.  If anyone else, especially people from the DC area, would like to plan one, by all means feel free, but if that doesn’t happen there’s not gonna be an MBM 2K13.  It’s been a blast attending them the past two years though, you guys are all super chill and I made good friends through the whole thing.



Bowman here. To all involved in Hare Force One, thanks for the many happy memories. I’ve decided to take the official blog offline because it’s basically become an enormous magnet for spam accounts to attach to my site and create problems.

I have a backup of the blog complete with all the pictures, stories, etc on my computer in a compressed directory. If you would like a full copy of the 1.03 Gigabyte archive, feel free to email me at and I’ll arrange to send it to you personally via Skype.

Relevant info, possibly, if any of you were interested in the history of the HF1 project.  Mad props to Bowman for hosting the site and keeping it up for as long as it was, and to everyone who pitched in and helped edit it.  We had a good run.

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I actually yelled.

so much bun

that is pretty clearly a massive bunny right there

what do you mean this isn’t what this tumblr is for

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Photo Set


Such quality friends.

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i mean thats cool and all but what if someone isnt into that or are just painfully shy. what if they just wanna discuss the comic or the characters or ships or whatever, what if they still wanna hang out with homestucks, but not get their mack on?

): sigh

maybe it was just the one that i happened to go to.


no im sure this happens a lot cause wow it happened at kuronekocon and wow that kinda, awkward for other people, do you really all know each other that well that you make out with one another

i was like “WOW group of homestucks lets tal- OH” and walk away awkwardly with adventure time people. thank god for friends that are also weirded out by this.


Most D.C. meetups I’ve been to have been about half larpers and three eighths people who just seem to be at a different maturity level… I’m usually able to find solace in that last eighth of the group that’s more on my wavelength, but it doesn’t make much of a case for going to more meetups. Plus every D.C. meetup involves going to museums. That gets old after the first time.

Apologies for dragging you to the museums again; do you have any suggestions for other activities in the DC area?

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A quick uncleaned image from the MBM taken by Avi.

I’ll tag everyone later.

A photo!

Speaking of tagging everyone, does whoever ended up with the tumblr list from Day 1 want to send that my way for sharing purposes?

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In case anyone is trying to find the group.


"What kind of evolutionary pressure could kill off a creature with armored eyeballs?"